How to place a Betfair in-running lay bet

How to place a Betfair in-running lay bet with an odds maximum cut off set at 3.0.

Step one you will need to bring up Betfair’s website or an app on your phone, laptop next click on Exchange Not on Sportsbook.

Next click on horse racing then you should see GB IRE these are the only 2 we will be using so click on the country were the race will take part then click on the race card you want to bring up you now should see a list of possible Bets

Win Place 2 Place 4 Place

You want to click on WIN tab then under this you will see a list of race times click on the race time you want to lay the selection in, You will now see a row of blue and red squares next find the horses name. You want to lay the horse, So click on the red square in-line with the horse’ name this will bring up the current odds you will see a box with Backers odds if this is above 3.0 we need to change the odds to 3.0. now if the odds are less than 3.0 then we would lay the horse at this time, enter the amount you want to use as a stake in the Backers stake box that you wish to place and then click place bets tab job done.

But should the price be above 3.0 then after placing the bet we need to tick the box that says KEEP.

This will allow us to go in play, now we hope the horse runs very well but does not win then we should get matched at 3.0  Now the bad part should the horse win then we will lose 2x our stake so if you lay the horse for £10 and should it win you would lose £20.

If the horse runs very bad and does not go as low as 3.0 in play then your money will be returned to you. I hope this helps you get started.