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Cloak and Dagger Lays Service 

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After proofing since May 1st and a live trial over the past 2 months we now offer Cloak and Dagger for sale. I will let them speak for themselves;

“We Pride Ourselves In being one of the best Lay service on the internet! Laying horses can be extremely profitable. Only 25% of the time does the forecast favourite win, that means a 75% chance of profit. This is a database analyst run service, where we send our selections for the day out at 10.30 to 11am each morning and the bets are to be laid on the Betfair market.

We have made a lot of profit over the years using this method of selecting horses and we now wish to share our wealth and knowledge to a wider audience. If you have been following the trial on Sportsworld you will know we have had a winning run of over 35 lays in a row. Out of our latest run of 45 lays there was just one winner and that was at a Betfair starting price 4.56, you can check this for yourself in the link for past and up to date results. Over the past 2 months we have made over 50 pts profit and you will also see from past results a lot of the selections are also unplaced so you could make even more profit by laying the same selection on the place market.”

Cloak and Dagger subscription is £40 a month but try a month at half price, £20


Cloak and Dagger subscription is £40 a month but try a month at half price, £20.