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Joe Thorpe’s Daily Racing Brief is at the time of writing is showing a profit in excess of £53,000.

Joe has proved his many years in the industry are paying off.

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I worked in the industry for almost 30 years, in that time I worked with Coral in England, Terry Rogers who was one of the biggest independent bookies in Ireland, and Victor Chandler. While with Terry Rogers I arranged screen displays and formed books on various markets, during this time I learned to read how the markets were working and from this I form my Movers list, called my Racing Brief. At the moment I have 2 horses on the list each day, depending on the days racing this may change to 3, the reason for that is from my experience, 30 years in the betting industry, I firmly believe that no matter how well informed or whatever means you have for information, no horse is a certainty. However I’ve used the way I select horses for many years, and really I believe a 50% strike rate is realistic. I always aim for more, but to play it safe I work that way. I try and select horses which will ensure one winner will at least cover the day’s stake.

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