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A Betfair Place Method By Roger Purssord

This method of betting is a product of many years of mathematical research based on my own database of past years results and race details.

Copyright Roger Purssord 2019

We first sold this method in June last year and a full summary of results to BSP from January 1st 2018 to September 30th 2019.

There are about 2 or 3 selections most days and you can mostly identify the races that will be of interest in the morning by a quick look at the race cards of any meeting at courses on our recommended list. This course list is under constant review as our database tells us more as time goes on. Whenever we make any changes to our recommended courses you will be sent the new list.

When to bet -You will need to be watching the Betfair Place Market near the time of the races previously chosen to make your betting decision.

This final horse selection would be easy for a BOT to do, however, Sportsworld are not experts.


All results are recorded at BSP and are all £100 bets.

 All results since January 1st 2019

We are selling this new improved version of Mathematical Winners for £149.95. The price includes 12 months support .

12 months Support – The price includes 12 months support – keeping results, providing revised course lists and any new filters we find. It also includes full email and telephone help if you are having any trouble using the system.