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Roger Purssord is a long established author of successful racing methods.

The first system designed by Roger that Sportsworld published was 15 years ago. That system was ”The Cambridge Target System” – which was effective and very well received.

Moving on, his most recent publication – “Mathematical Winners (2018)” – is a method for selecting high priced horses that will be placed. This system continues to produce good results.

There is a good chance that Roger’s new tipping service – “My Favourite Lays” – a method for selecting the most likely forecast favourite not to win from each meeting each day could be his best ever and if it is, it will be lots of FUN

Don’t miss it.

Read more about My Favourite Lays below


For each race meeting this tipping service picks the favourite most likely to lose.

From the culmination of 15 years research My Favourite Lays has been “live” since December last year. All selections are forecast favourites and are emailed about 9am each morning for you to lay on the horse straight away.

Where there is no clear selection we will miss that meeting.

The results have been proofed live to us at Sportsworld since December 1st 2018 and are summarised below. Most selections drift from the morning price, we record at BetfairSP which underestimates true achievable profits, example, we made 29 points in May not the claimed 24 as 5 of 7 losers drifted after we bet.

Below the first 6 months BSP results are summarized, use the results link for the latest results.

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