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Colin Leafe’s Elite Racing Service started on January 1st 2018 and follows a system called “Elite” that Colin first developed 25 years ago (see details below).

Recently Colin has added the bets from another of his systems to his Elite service called “Tip Top”.

For this reason you will see two sets of results, one for each system. Subscribers get both sets of bets in the same email each morning about 10.30am.



I have had a very fortunate life through my love of the horse, in my younger days I competed at Show jumping and Cross Country representing the Royal Air Force.

Over 35 years ago i was introduced to Dai Williams, we became good friends. I frequented his stables over the forthcoming years and assisted him with relocation of the stables on three occasions. At this period (1990)s his location was Great Shefford near Lambourn with his 80 horses. During my extensive visits I was introduced to an array of trainers, this enabled me to gain experience and knowledge which i incorporated into development of methods, known as Elite, these methods were successful for a period of 5 years in winning and beating the bookmakers.

However my circumstances took an alternative road, therefore the Elite and various successful methods were put on hold. It is now 17 years later, i now have found an opportunity to resurrect Elite, i have viewed the performance of Elite, which provided confirmation of its success, so convinced i back it myself.

From 1st January 2019, Sportsworld have provided evidence that Elite produced over 190 points level stakes win only profit in 2019. Taking this into consideration i am now reviewing the alternative methods that i previously developed. TIP TOP is one of these, this was put on trial on 1st October 2019, it has had 5 winning months out of 6. the results are conclusive, as proven by Sportsworld.

This is exciting as Elite and Tip Top are still successful, combined with my additional methods they are a focusing point, not every potential selection will be a bet, for certain factors and conditions will come into effect.

When you join: I will guarantee you total honesty and commitment. I will commit to assist your investment pays dividends.

I look forward to working with you.

Colin Leafe.

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